Wei Pang
VP & CDO of Ctrip
VP & CDO of Ctrip. He is responsible for data and AI at Ctrip, and focus on data warehouse, business intelligence analysis, algorithm and AI. Previously serving as the senior R&D director at eBay, in charge of big data and retail.
Dr. Hanning Zhou
Algorithm R&D Leader of Hulu Beijing R&D Center
Dr. Zhou is the algorithm R&D leader of Hulu Beijing R&D Center. Before Hulu, he used to be the researcher at Xerox Silicon Valley Center, senior R&D manager at Amazon HQ, product director of Shanda Innovation.
Micheal Wong
Vice President of Research and Development at Codeplay Software
Michael Wong is the Vice President of R&D at Codeplay Software, and is Chair of the C++ Heterogeneous Programming language SYCL. Michael has extensive experience in parallel computing and high-performance computing.
Junpei Zhong
AI researcher of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
AI researcher of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,CS Phd of Hamburg University. Editor-at-Large of Complexity and Interaction Studies. He works at the areas of Machine Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Robots and Service Robots.
Xingxing Wang
head of Meituan Takeaway Business Technology
Head of Meituan Takeaway business technology, led the team to build a takeaway business monetization technology system from 0 to 1 which was used in multiple advertising scenarios like takeaway feeds, push, branding, and search. He once worked in Sogou Business and Baidu Fengchao.
Bo Huang
Weibo Machine Learning Platform Lead
Leader of Weibo Machine Learning Platform, Senior Technical Expert. He is responsible for systems development such as the Weibo Feed system, distributed computing, big data platform, machine learning platform, and deep learning platform. He once participated in the development of Baidu distributed file system.
Yi Liu
Chief Architect of eBay Marketing
Liu Yi is the Chief Architect of eBay Marketing, committer and member of the Apache Hadoop project management committee, former senior data architect at Intel. Responsible for eBay product recommendation, internet market data and A/B test and test platform architecture design.
Head of AI and Strategy Department at Ele.me
Leo is the senior director of algorithm, the head of A.I. and strategy department. Leo led the online and offline business algorithm strategy optimization and intelligent process. Leo has a deep research on how machine learning model can transform O2O business scenarios.
Shengguo Fu
Sina Weibo Computer Vision Leader
Chief of Computer Vision project of Sina Weibo. He has 10 years of R&D experience in Machine Learning, and has been engaged in Weibo search, recommendation, large-scale Machine Learning and Deep Learning platform related algorithm design and research and development work.
Jinhui Yuan
Founder of Beijing Yiliu Co., Ltd
Founder of Beijing Yiliu Co., Ltd., is committed to building a de facto industrial standard for a distributed deep learning platform. Former MSRA researcher, 360 early members of the search. In the past 2013-2016 years, he worked researching and developing large-scale machine learning platform in MSRA.
Xiucan Wei
Head of Nanjing Institute of Face++
Head of Nanjing Research Institute of Face++, Ph.D., from the LAMDA Institute of Nanjing University. The main research areas are computer vision and machine learning. He has published more than ten articles in important international journals and international conferences in related fields.
Zhiyang Guo
Co-Founder of Leapstack,Core Architect of Machine Learning at Airbnb
Co-founder of Leapstack. He is used to be a core architect ofmachine learning frame group of Airbnb, and before this, he had been the leader of machine learning frame group at Rocket Fuel. Leapstack is a company which concentrates on solving the problem of serious fraud and low efficiency in the insurance industry by AI and big data.
Huaijun Liu
Customization Technical Leader at Meituan
Customization technical leader at Meituan, he’s in charge of customization search, ranking and recommendation. Previously working for Tencent, and building the company’s first intelligent anti-spam system and intelligent answer system.
Yao Peng
Founder of Qiniu AI lab, Qiniu cloud CTO.
Founder of Qiniu AI Lab, technical director of Qiniu Cloud, leading its AI architecture and development. Used to be R&D chief at IBM global system technical laboratory. He is a senior expert in the field of distributed algorithm and deep learning.
Ruiqi Liao
Head of Distribution Algorithm Team at Dada
Head of distribution algorithm team at Dada. He built the algorithm team from the beginning, now mainly in charge of supply and demand detection, dynamic pricing, order assignment, and path planning. Previously working on advertising algorithms at Baidu.
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Head of Data Science at Etsy Inc..
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CTO of Skymind, the Creator of Deeplearning4j
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Tech Lead of Machine Learning Platform at Uber
Ruofei Zhang
Senior Director of AI & Research Department at Microsoft
Huang Fei
Head of Applied Machine Learning Group at Facebook
Yunsong Guo
Staff Engineer at Pinterest
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Senior Data Scientist at Alibaba
Xiangjun Wang
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Head of Machine Learning Platform at Tencent Cloud
Feng Zhu
Senior Data Scientist at Micsoft
Zhenhua Yu
Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Tesla
Xiangjun Wang
Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Netflix
Jun Yang
Head of iDST Deep Learning at Alibaba Cloud
Yao Peng
Founder of Qiniu AI laboratory, Qiniu cloud CTO.
Hui Lin
Chief Scientist and Co-Funder of Liulishuo
Haifeng Liu
Chief Architect at JD.COM
Hao Zhang
VP of Technology at ele.me
Bo Liu
Chief Scientist at DBAPPSecurity
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Artificial intelligence technology, represented by machine learning, has been recognized as the wave of technological change in the next five to ten years. It will change the way people work and live in the future. Adhering to the mission of "Global Experts, Connecting Wisdom," we invite more than 30 global machine learning field of technology leaders and industry application experts in 2018 Machine Learning Summit held in Shanghai on July.27-28. The summit integrates keynote speeches, interactive seminars, case sharing, high-end training and other forms to explore the development of machine learning in various fields and practical application. The future is coming. Are You Ready? To 2018 Machine Learning Summit, a wisdom & substantials technology party.